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The Scriabin group was absolutely masterful!

I hope and expect that the world of the piano will be hearing a lot more of

Sayá Sangidorj.

Harris Goldsmith, New York Concert Review (2007, October)


Saya’s interpretation of Scriabin Study op.65 was simply fantastic and

time I haven’t been listen so well performance...

D. Dag Achatz, pianist. Genève Conservatory (1994, April) 


When Sayá is already on stage, in front of the odeon, she looks charming,

and after a while, she performs it different into a big technical skill, and it reflects wealth and soul.

Margarita Fyodorova, pianist. Moscow State P.I.Tchaikovsky Conservatory

(1993, June) 


Sayá Sangidorj is one of the more solid pianists I know.

The deep work on the approach of her performances to the audience transmits real sense of security.

Guillermo González, pianista. Madrid, Spain (1996, May)